Sunday, July 03, 2005

Starting to see a trend

Wait seven years, then try to get it all done in a few months. I wonder if my husband is pg, because he sure is nesting a lot lately. I bet these last two sentences are very, very confusing...

I am talking about all the home improvments that we knew we needed to do 7 years ago, but have just started on recently and everything seems to be such a rush. Two weeks ago we painted the house (had it painted I should say), last weekend hubby decided that it was a good day to lay our new vinyl floors, and this weekend: my new shower.

The shower in the master bath had this horrible wallboard that was desinigrating off the wall. It was NASTY. He has spent today tiling the shower. He will not be done until tomorrow, but it looks wonderful. We have been truly blessed in that by using 6" square tiles, we will only have to actually cut the tiles around the shower hardware. We have not had to make any cuts on the wall to fit :)

Picture of the shower so far - one more wall to go.

This is wonderful hubby, sweating to death in the totally airless room that is our master bath and doing a wonderful job.

Next week I will lay the new vinyl floor in the bathroom, and then we will be on to our kitchen.

The kitchen will take more time and scheduling. My dad has to come up and disconnect our drop-in stove and put in an outlet. Buy a new stove and have it here when my dad comes up. Then have contractors come to measure our countertop, order countertop, wait on countertop. Once the countertop is installed then paint. Not a weekend job...

And all of this is just so we could put the house on the market if we find something we really like. Of course by the time we are done (1) I am going to like the house too much to want to move (gas prices, who cares about gas prices) and (2) we will be too broke to move (what do you mean the only house we can afford looks just like ours before we spent all that money to fix it up).



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Jess said...

LOL@the house you finding looking like yours before the renovation - ahhh the irony! ;-)

Looks like your hubby is a hard worker! The tile looks beautiful! We have some things to fix up here before we move but when the house isn't yours, it is just that much harder to work on

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