Sunday, July 03, 2005

Up way too late

I am up way too late tonight. I pulled out my knitting this afternoon and evening when I unexpetedly found myself at home with just EM. DH had a 4th of July picnic this afternoon/evening at a coworkers house, and by the time he was back from doing some other work and ready to go I had a pounding headache and really did not feel like going anywhere and being nice to 50 people I don't know, while at the same time trying to keep K from drowning. So the honey-that-he-is offered to take K and MB by himself and let me just stay home with EM. Truthfully MB and I needed the time apart today as I did not feel well and she woke up alternating between whining and hyperactivity over the party.

Anyway, with the house quiet I decided to pull back out my knitting bag that I had put away about 7 months ago when EM was born. I put it away mainly because K could not keep her hands off the yarn while I was trying to knit (kind of like a little kitten jumping at the moving string). My hands are so out of practice, especially considering that I had never reached any sort of proficiency with it prior. So now my ring finger on my left hand is killing me. That is the finger that the arthritis has decided to settle in for me and boy is it screaming tonight.

I am making a shoulder shawl for MB to use with her dress up stuff. She wanted a prairie costume with a bonnet, but I am just not that talented. So she will have to make do with a shawl over one of her own dresses. I am using some really soft purple acrylic for the shawl, that way it will be washable. If it doesn't come out looking like a total disaster I will post, but don't hold thy breath as my knitting bag has been known to be put away suddenly for long periods of time.

By the way if anyone is reading my blog using Internet Explorer, please let me know if you are noticing any problems with reading the entries, like cutting off suddenly and refusing to scroll down. I have tried to fix it and it looks okay to me, but I never know.

Have a blessed Sunday,



Anniesue said...

Hey there. I am using IE and did not notice anything unusual. Have a great day!

Jess said...

netscape here and it always looks good. ;-)

Wow, a house almost to yourself - that's nice! I am like you, I get frustrated and put away various hobbies for years at a time sometimes. I'm a 1 project per hobby kind of woman...LOL

Carrie said...

I'm using IE and it looks fine. I'm a crochet fanatic myself. I'd love to see pics of the shawl when you finish!

Jess said...

Amy, you had me reminiscing about the shawl I knit (my only completed freehand knitting project). Here's the link to the pictures I posted when it was done. Inspiration! ;-)
If I do it again I think I'll add fringe.

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