Monday, July 18, 2005

I've Been Quiet

There really has not been much to write about these past few days. We have stayed busy doing much of nothing. School with MB and K have continued going well. This morning MB even asked when we were going to start. K has been living in her princess dress recently and having tea parties. It has been very cute to watch her play.

MB's attitude has improved so much recently that it has been wonderful to watch. The arguing has not totally stopped, she doesn't do it nearly as often and when she does it doesn't last. She is helping me do just about everything and at this moment is making cheese sandwhiches for her and K.

The doctor was correct about EM's teeth. Last night she did not sleep well and keep wanting to chew on a teether. I expect we will see something in the next few days.

I rewrote the second week presentation for my Holy Spirit bible study, but then we ended up postponing it when most of the people who wanted to attend already had previous engagements. So we will continue that next week.

I guess the biggest news is that I have picked up a short-term work-at-home gig. When I left my job a couple years ago it was with the intention of working for my company part-time from home. But after nine months the market had not picked up enough and I was basically laid off. At that time I was pregnant with EM and not really interested in pursuing anything else. So we tightened our belts and focused on trying to make it on hubby's recently reduced salary.

We have done okay, but over the last few months it has become apparent that with gas prices and food prices steadily going up we were basically in reverse. So I have been looking and we began doing work on the house in case we did absolutely need to move.

I knew exactly what type of work I wanted to do and have been very picky in pursuing leads. This weekend I got a call back and after discussions with hubby and the company, I took the project. It should only last about a month to six weeks right now, with possibly more in the future. It is also something that I can do during nap times and free play time, and a little in the evening. Today I did the very first piece and it went very well. We still had time to do our school work and to get down and play.

The money is good enough that we should be able to pay off a few bills and start re-nesting our egg. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it continues to go well, as it is a decent opportunity.

Other than all that we have been trying to stay cool, watching the many birds and waiting for our copy of HP that we ordered on-line and will be delivered sometime this week. While I wait I am re-reading book 5. I am most excited about the book on CD that I ordered also (birthday present). I love the other two that I have on CD. Jim Daly does a very good job.



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