Wednesday, July 13, 2005

White Board

Christine at Routon Homeschool asked me about my white board and how we use it for organization. I have to begin by explaining that we do not tend to be organized, scheduled people here. We are very much spur-of-the-moment, how do we feel type of decision-makers about our days. I have tried various schedules and daily plans, yet they always seem to stress us out. So I have developed a plan around how things normally flow in the house, not planning how the household should flow. This works for us, but I am sure not for everyone.

I have one master cleaning schedule, very simple and broken up by days of the week.

I do try to sit down on Saturday and make up our weekly menu based on what we have in the pantry for the week and have some general idea of the weather for the coming week (this is to schedule what nights we might want to cook out or in the winter, what night would be good for a stew). I keep that list in a notebook. I generally go grocery shopping on Thursday morning and shop according to sales fliers, I have also found at the grocery store I go to, I can find meat marked down at this time.

The white board is our daily To Do list. At the top of it is the week's verse for the household. Then I list the day's schoolwork for MB. Then is my to do list, incorporating the daily cleaning schedule and whatever else I see that needs to be done. Then is our menu for the day. At the bottom is the running list of home projects that we are working on. Our board is fairly small, maybe 12"X24".

I use the whiteboard for 2 purposes. First it is a reminder, because I am incapable of walking from one room to another without forgetting where I am going and why I am there. Secondly it gives both MB and I a sense of accomplishment to see our list gradually marked off as we move through the day. I normally take a few minutes the night before to do the next day's board. It generally doesn't take me any more than 5 minutes.

The most important thing for me is to remember that if I don't get something done one day my world is not going to stop spinning. I just put it at the top of the list for the next day.




Jess said...

I really like your style, I think we'd get along really well in real life. Or drive each other crazy...LOL I really feel the need for more organization in our home even though every pore in my body fights I may try a really loose schedule like yours, I need to be told what to do frankly and your board sounds like it's perfect for

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