Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Joining up

I admit, I am a lurker. Whether on-line or in real-life I tend to lurk around the edges. I am not a joiner. I am extremely shy and not very comfortable with my interpersonal communication to make sure that I don't break any etiquette rules. I don't lurk for any strange or negative reasons, just because I tend not to have anything to add.

I have, in general learned to live with this particular quirk. But, now I am homeschooling and I know it is becoming much more important that I reach out and contact others that maybe in the same position I am. In real life I have joined our local hs group to be able to participate in coops and playgroups, but as of yet have not made any real personal connections with anyone. Co-ops have come up that I thought would be interesting, but I am frozen when it comes to actually contacting the leader to sign up. This is not good for MB and K, but I just can't seem to gather up my courage to do it.

I also need to join the state organization so that I can receive my hs card, which will save me $$ on museums, activities and at stores in the area. But, I have not done it yet. This maybe more procrastination than being shy.

On-line, it is also a problem. I love to read through the WTM board, and have posted a couple of times, but I don't feel comfortable posting that much. Homeschoolers there have such wonderful insight and experience, that I learn a lot. I am kind of scared of being yelled off the board for doing something wrong. Instead, I read through, often finding others with similar experiences and then hunt up resources or books that are recommended to others. If I am faced with a problem I generally head off for research, rather than ask another person.

I also love to read blogs. I rarely comment. It never bothered me that I did that until I started my own blog and realized how strange it feels to watch the counter go up, yet never hear from someone else that is reading my thoughts. And, yet I still rarely comment because I feel like my comments come out making me seem like a total turd.

Anyway I need to start joining-up and coming out in the open. It is no longer just me, but now it is my own children's education that is affected. I hereby make a committment to join the state homeschool group by the end of the week. I will also comment on at least 2 blogs a day. So watch out someone may get a run-by Hi! soon. The connections I make could be wonderful.

And, as far as WTM board, well I think I will just keep reading for now. Some of those homeschoolers are tuff :)




Jess said...

Kids are good for making you come out of your shell. I am an extrovert but rarely go anywhere without at least one child to divert my attention to if things get uncomfortable. lol

Good for you Amy. I do have a secret pet peeve of no one commenting on my blog which is why I try hard to do it on others. I appreciate you coming out of your shell to comment on mine, I'll never yell at you! lol And I value your opinions, they aren't silly to me.

Carrie said...

I confess to being a lurker, too -- at least until I've read the person's blog for a while. Then they usually can't shut me up! Just wanted to let you know I'm one of the reasons your counter is going up. And from reading what you post, I don't think you could ever sound like a turd!

KatyM said...

I tend not to comment either because I also feel like others have all ready said it better or I will be misunderstood. I am also bad at commenting on blogs I read but love when people comment on mine so thanks for your recent comment! Also wanted to say I like reading your blog. I was very impressed with your Oregon Trail relief map!

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