Saturday, July 09, 2005

Saturday Rambling

I will say that I was correct that the peace, tranquility and productiveness of my household would change. But it didn't go too badly downhill. My body hit the tired part of my cycle and I just did not have the energy to invest in being involved the 95% of the time that such days require. I needed some down time.

I also finally ordered and received Creative Homeschooling:A Resource Guide for Smart Families and wanted to dig into it. So like Kim described in a recent post, I spent my time reading trying to figure out what to do, instead of jumping into the midst of the kiddos. The book did help me in thinking through how I might be able to use various approaches better considering MB's learning style(s).

Here is the main issue for me - I love the material listed/covered in a Classical Approach and I really like the four year rotation of history/science/literature. I think it is a wonderful approach and would really give the type of education I want for my children. But right now in MB's development I am not sure that she could handle a classical, rote learning style. She balks at too much 'teaching' and is very much I want to figure it out on my own type of gal. I think unit studies where I can guide, and we can stay on a topic for longer to let her "experience" it would be a better fit for where she is developmentally now. So I believe that I am going to try to combine the two and see how it works.

The Oregon Trail study we have been doing is going really, really well. We do not necessarily do something on the trail each day, but see how it flows. I have been able to do a lot of craft type things with this study.We do one thing each week, for example this week we are going to talk in more detail about the route of the trail. I have a chapter from a book that is written for 5th graders I am going to read. The chapter discusses the various routes in detail and talks about why some chose the various routes, all while using language that I am sure MB will be able to comprehend. Then we are going to map the trail on a blank map of the US. Then using salt dough, we are going to build a relief map of the trail and paint it. All while talking about differences in the vegetation along the trail and new animals the settlers would have seen on the trail.

It sounds very ambitious, but I have tried to take the things she enjoys and incoperate it into the plan. MB loves maps, so she will enjoy coloring in maps. She loves playdough and sculpting things, so with a lot of guidence (the relief map is just as much a project for me as for her) we can make the 3-D map. Painting is a highlight of her week. And anything about wildlife is enjoyed.

Next week we will talk about family life on the trail, and I have a couple of Oregon Trail cookbooks I plan on using and we will be doing some cooking for that week. I also hope to have the shawl finished for MB.

So why am I doing an Oregon Trail study with a 5 1/2 yr old? She is going to Oregon with my mother to visit my sister and neice. While she is out there they are taking her to the Oregon Trail Interactive Museum, and I want her to know what the Oregon Trail was, where it was and to have some sense of how difficult it was (because I am sure that it will be pointed out at the museum). More or less I want her to have a sense of the trail, not necessarily the details of it. Otherwise the museum visit would mean little or nothing to her.

Tomorrow evening I have the first installment of the Holy Spirit study I am presenting at church. This is the first time I have ever been in a 'teacher' type role at church and am nervous about it. Mainly because I just become nervous when I am in front of a group of people. This is going to run for the next three Sunday evenings and we are going to be examining the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament and New Testament. It is not anything in-depth, but more of to give more of a background or reference for the Holy Spirit when it comes up in other situations. Basically that the Holy Spirit is more than the bearer of spiritual gifts.

Have a great Sunday all.



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