Thursday, July 07, 2005

Experiencing a miracle

Today MB and I were able to experience a natural miracle. We were able to watch our neighbor's golden retriever give birth to nine beautiful puppies, one of which my husband has decided that we need. Before the birth the neighbors had already offered a puppy to us for free. The great thing is that our neighbor is a vet tech and was able to teach both MB and I while she helped out her dog. It only took 3 hours for the entire litter - pretty quick according to the neighbor.

Here is mama waiting on numbers 5 -9.

Very fun and interesting!!

A little picture of the magical moving baby. The most I have ever still seen her actually do is roll from her back to her stomach. Nothing else - yet we are aware that she transports herself from one place to another. Here is something new:

I had placed her on the sheet to go find a few of her toys to play with, when I came back she had managed to roll herself up like a mummy. I just thought it was too cute.




Jess said...

LOL@your mystery baby! She's absolutely adorable and looks happy as can be in there...LOL

That dog is gorgeous, I bet those puppies will be too. How sweet! Our family watched in awe as our cat gave birth a few years ago, it was the neatest thing!

Dy said...

I love the magical baby! Too cute!

Slightly envious over the puppy. The boys are just itching for one, and they'd be thrilled to death to have one they had been able to watch come into the world. :-) What a great experience.


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